North Star Astrology exists in the intersection of local and global astrology.

Originally founded as MN STARS (Society of Teaching, Astrological Research and Study) in 1982, North Star Astrology is the Minnesota chapter of NCGR, and as a group meets at least once a month.

We seek to integrate the intellectual discipline required for creative work in astrology with an openness to new experiences and energies. We presuppose no particular philosophical or religious viewpoint. All those interested in exploring themselves and the relationship of celestial patterns to human events are welcome.

NCGR, the National Council for Geocosmic Research, was first established in 1971 to investigate correlations between events on Earth and the motions of the planets and other heavenly bodies. The Council recognizes that there are many paths leading to truth and is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge through both traditional and non-traditional modes of inquiry.

NCGR supports research, publishes substantive journals and newsletters, and provides astrologers the opportunity to share data, viewpoints and life experiences. It also offers a program of certifications in astrology.

The organization has grown rapidly. NCGR now has more than 2,500 members worldwide, including the 42 chapters located in the United States, Mexico, Russia, and Armenia.

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