Our Board Members are elected locally and are NCGR members. Read more about them below!

Contact the Board: ncgrmnstars@gmail.com

Adam Wolter


Adam’s been studying and experimenting with empowering guidance from the living sky and many teachers since 1999, when he first met the Minnesota astrology community. He opened the doors of his professional practice alongside his massage practice in Arcata, California in 2010, but came back to Minnesota in 2013, where he’s hosted and presented at many astrological community-building events since.  

Adam’s Website: Playful Heart Astrology

Email: astrologeradam@gmail.com

Beth Krause

Education Coordinator and Treasurer

Beth has been studying and enjoying astrology for over 20 years, with interests ranging from evolutionary astrology to Hellenistic and Vedic astrology. She’s been part of the North Star community since 2013 and is currently excited to help teach new and experienced astrology students alike more about the fascinating subject she loves.

Sunmisola Banjo-Arebojie

Sunmi is a Conscious Creatress who paints, studies occultic themes such as Astrology, Hermiticism and persistently seeks higher truth and sovereignty.Sunmi characterizes herself as a life long learner who believes growth is stunted when one is not actively pursuing knowledge, experiences, and creative endeavors. Spirituality and the reconnection to the All, Source, God is the fundamental inspiration behind her artistic projects and spiritual pursuits.As a 15 year cosmic enthusiast, Sunmi is currently studying Neoclassical Astrology and working to get her NCGR certification. Sunmi is also a member of AYA (Association for Young Astrologers). She offers 15 minute and 60 minute readings via the link below.