Our Board Members are elected locally and are NCGR members. Read more about them below!

Adam Wolter


Adam’s been studying and experimenting with empowering guidance from the living sky and many teachers since 1999, when he first met the Minnesota astrology community. He opened the doors of his professional practice alongside his massage practice in Arcata, California in 2010, but came back to Minnesota in 2013, where he’s hosted and presented at many astrological community-building events since.  

Adam’s Website: Playful Heart Astrology

Daniel Bernal


Daniel is relatively new to the astrology community and has been studying since 2017. He is an experienced educator and facilitator in Saint Paul and has been working on several collaborative writing projects and conferences. Daniel’s astrological interests include Hellenistic astrology, the works of Abu Ma’Shar on Solar Revolutions, and anything Jupiter.

Daniel’s website: Divine Orbit Astrology

Contact Daniel & the Board: ncgrmnstars@gmail.com

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