Board Members

Our Board Members are elected locally and are NCGR members. Read more about them below!

Daniel Bernal


Daniel is relatively new to the astrology community and has been studying since 2017. He is an experienced educator and facilitator in Saint Paul and has been working on several collaborative writing projects and conferences. Daniel’s astrological interests include Hellenistic astrology, the works of Abu Ma’Shar on Solar Revolutions, and anything Jupiter.

Daniel’s website: Divine Orbit Astrology

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Adam Wolter

Vice President

Adam’s been studying and experimenting with empowering guidance from the living sky and many teachers since 1999, when he first met the Minnesota astrology community. He opened the doors of his professional practice alongside his massage practice in Arcata, California in 2010, but came back to Minnesota in 2013, where he’s hosted and presented at many astrological community-building events since.  

Adam’s Website: Mystic Heart Astrology

Martina Johnson


Martina is a life-long student of Astrology and has been a regular attending member of the MN Stars community for several years. She is preparing for Level 1 NCGR testing. In the everyday world, Martina wears many hats in the building/renovations company she operates with the help of her husband Alan

Madison Vinje

Social Media Coordinator

Madison is a Minneapolis based Astrologer, Energy Healer, and Performance Artist. She has been studying astrology for about about four years, coming more into herself and her practice this year. She has recently been exploring the expression of planetary and zodiacal energies through performance and public speaking. She recently made her debut panel appearance with the Minnesota Jung Association this spring. Madison sees Astrology as a way to understand and interact with the world around her, and a tool that holds unlimited potential for personal and collective evolution. 

Madison’s Website

Shane M. Nygaard


Shane M. Nygaard studied archetypes in the “Sacred Contracts” course at the Caroline Myss Educational Institute (CMED), earning his Archetype Consultant certification in 2007. His studies at CMED also included astrology, and he’s been exploring Archetypes and Astrology ever since. His work includes presentations for the Minnesota Jung Association (“The Supernatural in Popular Culture,” “The Art of Darkness,” “Kings of the Past: Archetypes & the Ancestors,” and “Astrology & the Collective Unconscious”), and for NCGR Minnesota STARS (“From Sunrise Through Nightfall: The 12 Houses of the Zodiac”). Shane’s influences include the Pre-Raphaelite Romantics, James Hillman, Liz Greene, opera, drag, Jung, and things with wings.

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Aaron Savage

Education Coordinator

Astrology comes from the place of magic; where system and expression diverged into science and art. Cultures, creeds and the all too often runamok stream of conscious seasons have buried this gift under the layer of a smog like normalcy, where it has been preserved in the enduring hearts and questioning minds of a great many people, in a great many expressions for thousands of years.
Aaron is honored to have discovered the value of Astrology and seek to learn and share more as this modern renaissance of humanity emerges armed with the power and perception of this enduring dynamic art.
Aaron studies all forms of Astrology but he is partial to the Western Tropical system.
He is married with two book end Aquarius daughters and loves to spend time creating and cultivating form.