Emergent Strategy as a Framework for Astrological Interpretation

Emergent Strategy, by adrienne maree brown, represents a radical framework for organizing relationships and engaging chaos in community with others. With a focus on transformative justice, interdependence, and resilience, the elements of this rich work are multi-faceted, complex, and mimic biological processes and patterns. Applying these elements to the archetypes and patterns of astrology provides a way for us to engage with charts in new ways: adaptation instead of remediation, possibility instead of determinism, process instead of prediction.

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Daniel Bernal has been studying astrology since 2017, and tarot since 2007. He began a career in education in his hometown of Saint Paul, Minnesota, and uses his skills of teaching, mentoring, and facilitation to empower students & communities around the Twin Cities. Daniel currently serves as the president of MN STARS, the NCGR chapter in Minnesota, and co-hosts the podcast Queer Skies with Drew Levanti, exploring astrology, queerness, and the intersection of both.


Aug 08 2020


2:00 pm - 3:30 pm



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